Some useful tips for your trip!

Before departure

  • Watch carefully the safety instructions and demonstration by our staff. Do not hesitate to ask any question.
  • Make sure you know the position of the survival and firefighting equipment.
  • Make sure you have at least one fully charged mobile phone with you or a charger (12vlt).
  • Consult our staff for the places you prefer to visit depending on the weather of your trip.
  • Wear life jackets to children and those who do not know how to swim.


  •  Lower the engine to the water with the help of the trim down button.
  • Ensure that all members on board  are  well seated.
  • Make sure you have your “quick stop” safety rope worn in your hand/wrist.
  • Make sure the lever is in the vertical position. Only then can the engine start.

During the trip

  • The captain should always take into account the maritime traffic, the depth of the sea and the existence of bathers.
  • Do not move more than 2 nautical miles from the coast.
  • Keep safety from shores and bathers. If you need to reach a coastline, reduce your speed to the minimum and 20 m before you can anchor so that you don’t destroy the propeller if the water is shallow.
  • Before anyone dives in the water, the captain must make sure that the anchor is secures at the bottom of the sea and the engine is switched off.
  • Keep a course right on channels and harbors.
  • Never move in front of a moving boat.
  • Do not use the anchor in deep water unless you can see the bottom. The rope you release should be about three times the depth you see.

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