Suggested Destinations

Enjoy the clear blue waters of the Saronic Gulf, discovering your own deserted beach and exploring the seaside attractions of Poros with the boat of your choice. Some destinations that we highly recommend you to visit are listed below. 

Destinations Destinations


Ideal location for picnic!!  On this small isolated island you can let the boat at the small dock and enjoy the natural shadow of the trees. You can spend a whole day here by swimming and relaxing. His name was taken from the fact that there was a “hidden school” there. There is a little church on the small island. In 2002, the Greek Ministry of Tourism based our country’s global advertising campaign on this little heart-shaped island.


Bourtzi is a small island at the east entrance of the port of the island of Poros. There was a castle on the island since the Byzantine period. It was used then as a base of operations against the Saracen pirates. You can admire it only by the sea. You cannot go on the island, because there is no access.


Dana Lighthouse

The Dana Lighthouse standing at the mouth of the Poros channel was built in 1870 by the French Society of Ottoman Lighthouses. It is one of the prettiest stone-built square lighthouses in Greece and a monument of modern maritime history. The lighthouse rises to nine meters and its focal length reaches 32 meters. You can visit it by letting the boat at Gerolimani and following the path towards the Lighthouse.

Zoodohos Pigi Monastery

The 18th-century Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi, or means life-giving spring, is located on a pine-covered slope and is a unique example of island monastery architecture. The small compound is noted for its high walls, magical view, and church with a wood-carved iconostasis crafted in Cappadocia in the 17th century. The icon of the Zoodohos Pigi was painted around 1850 by the Italian artist Raphael Ceccoli, who is said to have visited the monastery seeking a cure for his young daughter. Ceccoli is said to have painted the icon in his daughter’s image after she died; the girl is buried in the church courtyard. The graves of Manolis Tombazis and Nikolaos Apostolis, admirals who fought in the 1821 independence war, are also on the monastery grounds. Zoodohos Pigi Monastery can be reached by letting the boat at the little dock that is under the Monastery and following the stairs towards it. You can visit the monastery by letting the boat at the dock and follow the steps towards the monastery.

Zoodohos Pigi Monastery


At the area of Vidi you will find 3 idyllic sandy beaches with shallow waters that entice you to dive.


Ideal location to wear your masks and explore this shipwreck.



At Sarantokoumi  you  will find the clearer seas of all the area. You will find it in front of Gerolimani Bay. If you are lucky enough, you may see a herd of dolphins since they frequent at this beach!!


It consists by 2 «twin» sandy bays. There is a small reef, where you can explore many fish species and shells. From this beach you can reach Dana lighthouse.


These beaches are located in front of the island Daskalio. They are always calm and if you prefer privacy and calmness that’s the perfect spot.


That’s the beach where the pine trees meet the sea! The crystal clear green waters are so tempting, you cannot resist. If you prefer pebbly beaches, then that’s the place!

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